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About Lamp Post Cheese?

Lamp Post Cheese finally has a new home! It has been a journey, and it's still not over, but we have a new home in downtown Lebanon at 107 E Mulberry Street. We will now be able to serve all the cheese enthusiasts from Dayton to Cincinnati. We are busy with renovations, but stay tuned for more news (sign up for newsletter below).

Our goal is to provide the urban community with the end-to-end experience that surrounds cheese. Starting with locally sourced milk from farms, to crafting small artisanal batches. We are bringing this process into the urban community to provide both visual and hands-on opportunities.

In addition, we seek to work with the local food community, to help organize tastings, pairings, events and novel collaborations that allow us to enjoy and learn about cheese and other local foods together. Ultimately, we strive to maintain olde world traditions in cheese crafting, but to place this into a modern context and to make this experience available to urban community.

Lamp Post Cheese, proud members of the American Cheese Society.


What is Lamp Post Cheese?


Haya, French inspired Tomme.

Our Haya cheese is crafted in the French Tomme style. Tomme is produced mainly in the French Alps and in Switzerland. It is traditionally made with skimmed milk as the fat was used to make butter. In our case, we use locally sourced raw whole milk. It is semi-firm and aged a minimum of two months. Its flavors are fresh, slightly tangy and buttery. It melts well and can be also used in pasta, omelets, other dishes. Haya is really an all occasion cheese.

Apollo, Spanish Mahon style.

Our Apollo cheese is inspired by the Spanish cheese called Mahon. True Mahon is produced in the city of Mahon, capital of Minorca, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea. Ours is a semi-soft cheese and, like all our cheeses, it’s made with locally sourced, raw cow’s milk. It’s pressed wrapped in the cheesecloth and the knot leaves a distinctive mark. During aging, we rub the rind with paprika and olive oil, which produces a rusty color. It’s smooth in texture with buttery and sweet flavors as well as a hint of chocolate.


Toby, cloth-bound cheddar.

Our Toby cheese is a classic milled curd, English style cheddar. This raw milk cheese is carefully wrapped in cheesecloth and then brushed with butter. With its smooth texture and just a touch of sharpness Toby can be enjoyed alone or paired with other tasty treats. Right now, Toby is aged a minimum of 2 months, but we will be coming out with more mature cheeses in the future.

Inagural Events and Aging Blog

A new year brings new events and new cheese.

Our Haya cheese is now available and is on its way out to our subscription and pre-order customers. You can also find it in our online store and soon to be at Dirt: A Modern Market in OTR. Don't miss our inaugural event planned at the Skeleton Root winery in OTR. Checkout some artisan cheese and wine pairings on Saturday Feb 11th, just before Valentine's day. Read more to find out why our cheese need to age to be so good.

At Dirt: a modern market

Lots of Events in March!

Thanks to all our friends at DIRT. Yesterday we were there handing out samples and saying hi to everyone. You can find our cheeses at DIRT, located on 131 W Elder St, Cincinnati, OH 45202 in Findlay Market. They also sells lots of other local products. Go by and visit to support our local community.

Raw Milk Day

Raw Milk Cheese

Saturday April 22 it’s Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day, an international celebration of raw milk cheese. All around the world, cheesemakers, stores and cheesemongers will be celebrating this day with different events.

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Happy Birthday Lamp Post

Thanks to all of our supporters and customers. We have grown up quickly and our current situation cannot keep up with demand. We are at a cross roads, and it is time to grow or move on.

Cheese Board

Season’s Greetings!!!

At Lamp Post Cheese we wish you a great holiday season filled with good company, delicious food and cheese, of course! Don’t forget the cheese! If you haven’t got any cheese yet, we are here to help!

Soft Cheese

Cheese 101

We have been quiet for a few months as things are going slower than we expected. But we now have a new home. Read our update and to learn about our cheeses and how they compare to other cheeses you know.

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