The Urban Revolution of Cheese

Welcome to the Lamp Post Cheese community and thanks for joining the Urban Revolution of Cheese!! We have been very busy bringing everything together for our official launch. Our friend Eduardo from My Artisano has been a big help. Right now he is letting us invade his facility in Sharonville, while we work towards our goal of opening in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine.

Before starting commercial production, we have been working for months perfecting our recipes. Being an urban creamery means we don’t have our own animals. So, to provide our community with locally sourced cow’s milk, we travel to Bowersville, near Jamestown. There you can find Swallow Hill Jersey Dairy, a small farm with 60 Jersey cows. They also process some of their milk and you can pick it up at the milk house right at the farm. They sell yummy pasteurized regular and chocolate milk.

We started production of our first small batches on Monday the 7th. So far, we have produced our ‘Haya’ cheese, crafted in a French Tomme style. Tomme is a cheese produced mainly in the French Alps and in Switzerland. It is traditionally made with skimmed milk as the fat was used to make butter. An Italian version is called Toma. In our case, we use whole milk. It is semi-firm and will be aged a minimum of two months. Its flavors are fresh, slightly tangy and buttery.

In addition to Haya, we will be producing a clothbound cheddar, Toby, and a Spanish Mahon inspired cheese, Apollo. Mahon is produced in the city of Mahon, capital of Minorca, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea. The cheese is rubbed with paprika and olive oil during aging which gives a rusty color to the rind. Traditionally, it is not pressed in a mold but in the cheesecloth where is wrapped. The knot of the cheesecloth leaves a distinctive mark that you can see in the picture above.

All of our cheeses are named after our dogs (past and present). We will tell you more about these cheeses in the next newsletters!

Also a big thanks to our buddy Ben, the expert photographer that provided the pictures in the newsletter. We crashed Ben’s place a week back for an all cheese photoshoot. More photos, official products pics and bios will be coming out soon.

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