Happy Birthday to us! Lamp Post Cheese is one year old! Thanks to all of our supporters and customers. We have grown up quickly and our current situation cannot keep up with demand. We are at a cross roads, and it is time to grow or move on.

We have been working hard over the last few months strategizing on how to expand. We are hoping to move into a building in our home town of Lebanon. We are looking at places in the historic downtown area. Now that we have a plan in place we are working on getting the finances together. We are close, but who knew it would cost so much to build a dedicated small batch, artesian cheese facility?

If you are looking to invest in local, shoot us an email for our business plan, seriously. Here is a bit of perspective on what Lamp Post is to us:

Lamp Post Cheese (LPC) was founded on Aug. 18th 2016 by Cecilia Garmendia and co-founder Ryan Tasseff in response to the growing interest in local, artisan products and a pervasive consumer interest in knowing more about the food they buy.

There is an overall trend of U.S. consumers desiring more variety and robust flavor in food with 62 (USDA Dairy Products 2015 Summary) percent of American consumers being more likely to purchase foods that are produced locally. LPC was created to serve that need. We are an artisanal and urban cheese making company that strives to create high quality artisanal cheeses inspired in the European tradition. At LPC our mission is driven by four guiding principles: Local, Artisan, Modern and Experience.

Our goal at LPC is to provide the urban community with the end-to-end experience that surrounds cheese. Starting with locally sourced milk, to crafting small artisanal batches in an urban setting that can provide both visual and hands-on opportunities for customers. We also apply modern branding designs and strategies to update a commonly outmode perception of cheese and cheese crafting. Finally, we seek to work with the local food community, to help organize events and collaborations that allow us to enjoy and learn about cheese and other local foods together. Ultimately, we strive to maintain olde world traditions in cheese crafting, but to place this into a modern context and to make this experience available to urban community.

Our vision: A well-recognized and regarded urban cheese crafting organization that can provide locally sourced artisan cheese, driving quality by science and working with local businesses to create innovative new cheese products and experiences. We look forward growing this concept to other nearby urban hubs as we believe an expanded, but locally focused network can drive disruptive innovation, revolutionize the cheese industry and provide a business model for other food tech operations.

Happy Cheeseing!

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